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Investor relations

Skipti was listed on OMX ICE on 19 March 2008, following the share offering. The offering and stock market listing of the company was in compliance with the provisions of the purchase agreement which was originally entered into upon the sale of the government's 98,8% holding in Landssími Íslands hf. (now Skipti) in 2005. In the offering, which was held between 10 March and 13 March 2008, 30% of the company's share capital was offered for sale to the gerneral public and other investors and 7,5% of the company's share capital was sold.

On 19 March 2008, the Company announced that it had received a voluntary takeover bid from Exista hf, the largest shareholder, for the entire share capital of Skipti hf. at ISK 6,64 per share which was the same price as in Skipti hf. share offering. The shares were paid for with new shares in Exista hf. at ISK 10,1. On 27 May 2008 it was announced that Exista had secured 99,22% of the shares in Skipti hf and the remaining shareholders of Skipti hf were subject to redemption of the shares which was completed on 2 July 2008. The Company's shares were delisted from OMX Nordic Exchange Iceland hf. (OMX ICE) on 6 June 2008.